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Chris’ 5 rules, N°1

July 3, 2006

Even a sheet of dry toilet paper can withstand the 500V insulation test required by the Simple Apparatus clause ! It sounds restrictive but it isn’t.


New Monitor

July 3, 2006

MTL-Relcom has announced the latest addition to its F oundation fieldbus™ H1 toolkit, the FBT-6 Fieldbus Diagnostics Monitor. The handheld device monitors a live fieldbus network without interfering with its operation, enabled via an impressive variety of features including noise measurements in 3 bands, monitoring of signal level for all devices, monitoring of signal to shield faults, network retransmissions and the ability to download data to a PC via a USB port. Aimed at maintenance personnel and Distributed Control Systems (DCS) suppliers, the FBT-6 is intended for easier and faster troubleshooting and commissioning of fieldbus segments by eliminating the need to manually record the values when connect ing a tester on each segment or device.